[Gdal-dev] Shapefile and SpatialRef problem

Gauthier,Jean-Philippe [CMC] Jean-Philippe.Gauthier at ec.gc.ca
Tue Jan 9 13:04:21 EST 2007

	I will revert to 1.1.2 until you issue a 1.1.4, guess it should
not be a mather of months


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Gauthier,Jean-Philippe [CMC] wrote:
> 	You're right, I just added the \n in the .prj file and it works.
> I did use gdal from fwtool 1.1.3 that I got this morning. Seems it 
> going to hev to be rebuilt.


I can issue a 1.1.4 if this is a big hassle for you, or you could revert
to FWTools 1.1.2 which shouldn't have the problem.

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