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Alexandre Leroux alexandre.leroux at ec.gc.ca
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Matt's right. CanMatrix ain't free for the public, however, Toporama is:

It's very similar to CanMatrix but offering much less details. Toporama 
is also available at the 1:50,000 scale in not-geocoded gif format.



Matt Wilkie wrote:
> Hi Stephen, thank you for describing the approach you are using.
>> Where can you get the Canadian NTS maps from? Are they a free download?
> No not free, unfortunately. The product is called CanMatrix and can be 
> purchased from Natural Resources Canada Centre for Topographic 
> Information, 
> http://www.cits.rncan.gc.ca/cit/servlet/CIT/site_id=01&page_id=1-005-002-003.html 
> On the bright side, if the resolution is reduced to 150dpi and the 
> image size does not exceed 16,000,000px there are no restrictions on 
> redistribution. Anyone who wants the sixty-six 1:250,000 maps which 
> cover the Yukon Territory can drop me a line (250mb).
> Although CanMatrix are 300dpi the quality in my opinion is not so hot. 
> A test scan here in our office at the same resolution yielded much 
> better results. However, they've already done it, the images are 
> georeferenced, and our scanner bed is not big enough. :)

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