[Gdal-dev] GDAL Java Binding generation troubles. (missing typemap?)

Daniele Romagnoli dany.geotools at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 09:53:43 EST 2007

Hi list,
I downloaded and build GDAL 1.4 from the daily CVS.

Actually, the getBlockSize method is contained in the interface file
The necessary binding is also contained in the swig's generated wrapper
gdal_wrap.cpp (gdal/swig/java).

However, the produced java proxy class
Band.java(gdal/swig/java/org/gdal/gdal) contains no binding for the
method. (Maybe Swig was not correctly executed). By this way, a Java program
cannot access to getBlockSize.

Thus, I'm providing to generate JAVA SWIG wrappers but I have some trouble.

When executing SWIG, it returns this error:

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 7.10.3077
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

swig -Wall -Iinclude -Iinclude/java  -ID:\AllData\gdal-2007 -c++ -java -o
gdalconst_wrap.c -package org/gdal/gdal gdal.i
include\Band.i(215): Warning(453): Can't apply (IF_ERROR_RETURN_NONE). No
typemaps are defined.

I'm searching this text within the files of the whole swig folder but I
cannot find the IF_ERROR_RETURN_NONE typemap.
It is possible that IF_ERROR_RETURN_NONE was recently defined but not yet
included in the GDAL CVS repository?

Does anybody have any clues about what I'm doing wrong?
Thank you very much
Best Regards,
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