[Gdal-dev] adding compress to pct2rgb, rgb2pct

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jan 12 23:46:32 EST 2007

Matt Wilkie wrote:
> hello all,
> Wannabee coder here would like some help learning how to extend the 
> pct2rgb, rgb2pct python scripts to include -co options, compression 
> specifically. Can anyone point me to some docs or examples which might 
> help me on my way?


You will want to include the creation option in the CreateCopy() call.
Something like this:

     tif_ds = gdal.Open( tif_filename )
     dst_driver.CreateCopy( dst_filename, tif_ds, options = [ "COMPRESS=LZW" ] )
     tif_ds = None

You will also need to force force the CreateCopy() step to happen even if
the output format is GTiff.  This could be accomplished by changing this:

if format == 'GTiff':
     tif_filename = dst_filename
     tif_filename = 'temp.tif'

To this:

tif_filename = 'temp.tif'

If you wanted to be able to pass creation options on the commandline a bit
of extra work would also be required.

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