[Gdal-dev] Motion: Six month maintenance contract with Matuesz Loskot

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Jan 13 14:56:44 EST 2007

Motion: The GDAL PSC authorizes Frank Warmerdam to negotiate a contract
with Mateusz Loskot for 600 hours of GDAL maintenance over six months for
$9000.00 USD.  The maintenance work will be governed by RFC 9 with an added
focus on resolving GDAL provenance issues in order to graduate OSGeo
incubation.  Frank Warmerdam is designated as supervisor (per RFC 9).



I've received indications that we have our first 9K "in the bank" from
sponsors, representing four silver sponsors less the 25% held for general
OSGeo purposes.  On the basis of that, I would like to proceed with my
"master plan" to contract Mateusz.  I would appreciate PSC votes on the
above motion.  Voting should close Tuesday evening.

I am very excited to have finally reached this point.  OSGeo serving as
a vehicle for maintenance funding has always been a big goal of mine, and
I hope this will be a model for other projects.

I'd like to offer special thanks to our first four sponsors who made this
possible.  They are Cadcorp, Safe Software, SRC and Applied Coherent
Technology.  Hopefully we will have them all on the credits page soon.

Best regards,
I set the clouds in motion - turn up   | Frank Warmerdam, warmerdam at pobox.com
light and sound - activate the windows | http://pobox.com/~warmerdam
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