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Wed Jan 17 08:40:11 EST 2007

SriRam Prasad Bhasker wrote:

>has anyone got some source code to print the RGB values from an RGB Image.
>I have an RGB Image (3 Band Image)
>i need to programaticlaly create a new Image (swapping the Values of RGB 
>as BGR) 
>any help is welcome

I would do this by

       breaking up the image into three bands A, B and C.
       creating a new image with the bands C, B and A
       (add projection and georeferencing if needed)

To get the bands I would use dataset.GetRasterBand( 1 | 2 | 3 )

To create the new image I would write these bands to disk
as temporary files and use vrtutils from OpenEV to
create a virtual three band image and open this as
a gdal dataset.

I suspect

      -you do not want to import the whole of OpenEV
       to do this (on the other hand, if OpenEV is
       available (e.g. you are working in python and
       import vrtutils works), this may be of some use).

     -I am doing things the hard way  (even taking into
      account that I already have OpenEV available)

I don't have any code that does exactly what you
want. but the functions I use are

                                - William Hughes


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