[Gdal-dev] PAM and minimum/maximum values

Frederic Claudel frederic.claudel at magellium.fr
Mon Jan 22 11:14:30 EST 2007

Hi all,
Is there a good reason why the PAM mode doesn't provide info. about the band
minimum and maximum values?

More specifically :
GDALPamRasterBand actually loads the <Minimum> and <Maximum> values from the
.aux.xml PAM file in the XMLInit() method, but GDALRasterBand methods
GetMinimum() and GetMaximum() have not been re-implemented in
GDALPamRasterBand, so there's no way to access the member data (dfMin and
dfMAx, in GDALRasterBandPamInfo).

Frederic Claudel

PS: there's also a different way to get min/max (as well as mean/std) info :
via the GetStatistics() method, but I don't need mean and std.

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