[Gdal-dev] gdalinfo returns wrong bounding box with DTED level 1

Martel, Christian Christian.Martel at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Tue Jan 23 10:40:08 EST 2007


When I run gdalinfo with the OGDI driver on a DTED directory of dt1
files, I get an erronous north bound.
Example : A DTED CD contains files from 42 to 52 degrees north and
gdalinfo returns a north limit of 56.
-I tested three sets of DTED 1 files.
-The problems appens only with DTED level 1, not level 0 or lever 2.
-The problems appens also with GetGeoTransform() in a python script.
-I use fwtools 1.1.3 on windows.

Any idea ?

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