[Gdal-dev] --formats

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jan 24 11:24:00 EST 2007

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) wrote:
> Hi list,
> using gdalinfo --formats, you get a title of the driver as well as
> information on whether the driver is read-only, or read-write etc.
> Using ogrinfo you don't get this information, just the driver code. It would
> be good to synchronize the two. Especially since there are drivers which are
> write-only in OGR.


When I do "ogrinfo --formats" I get:

warmerda at amd64[6]% ogrinfo --formats
Supported Formats:
   -> "ESRI Shapefile" (read/write)
   -> "MapInfo File" (read/write)
   -> "UK .NTF" (readonly)
   -> "SDTS" (readonly)
   -> "TIGER" (read/write)
   -> "S57" (read/write)
   -> "DGN" (read/write)
   -> "VRT" (readonly)
   -> "AVCBin" (readonly)
   -> "REC" (readonly)
   -> "Memory" (read/write)
   -> "CSV" (read/write)
   -> "GML" (read/write)
   -> "KML" (read/write)
   -> "Interlis 1" (read/write)
   -> "Interlis 2" (read/write)
   -> "SQLite" (read/write)
   -> "PostgreSQL" (read/write)
   -> "MySQL" (read/write)

I think this was added post GDAL 1.3.2.  Was this inadequate in
some fashion?

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