[Gdal-dev] RFC 4: Geolocation Arrays

Ivan Lucena ILucena at clarku.edu
Thu Jan 25 15:33:50 EST 2007

Hi there,


If I understand correctly RFC 4, you can use the Geolocation bands to
warp the image bands when they exists in the same input file (in a
HDF-EOS Swath for example).


This is possible only because the AVHRR, Envisat, HDF and netCDF drivers
have add to the Metadata the fields: "GEOLOCATION", "PIXEL_OFFSET",


But I have someone here with lots of similar kind of information but in
separated Envi file and he want to do the same process... :-)


For each par of files there is one with a bunch of hyperspectral bands
and the other with just two bands with Latitude and Longitude.


The question is: If one invests time developing a python script to
gather those bands in a HDF4 and set the appropriate metadata is
gdalwarp going to work? I mean, the metadata will stick to the file and
will be interpreted by gdalwarp accordantly? 


Does anybody have done something like that before?


Any thoughts are well come,





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