[Gdal-dev] RFC 4: Geolocation Arrays

Ivan Lucena ILucena at clarku.edu
Fri Jan 26 09:33:43 EST 2007

Ok Frank,

That is good news for me in the sense that you are reformulating the RFC
4 and make the process less format/driver specific. 

> So you don't really need to reassemble things into an HDF file or
> something similar.

I might try to create the HDF4 and then I use MRTSwath to project it as
long as the metadata info is OK.



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Ivan Lucena wrote:
> Hi there,
> If I understand correctly RFC 4, you can use the Geolocation bands to 
> warp the image bands when they exists in the same input file (in a 
> HDF-EOS Swath for example).
> This is possible only because the AVHRR, Envisat, HDF and netCDF
> have add to the Metadata the fields: "GEOLOCATION", "PIXEL_OFFSET", 


I have some good news.  Per RFC 4 you can also have X_DATASET and
Y_DATASET metadata pointing to another file for the X and Y bands.


So you don't really need to reassemble things into an HDF file or
something similar.

> But I have someone here with lots of similar kind of information but
> separated Envi file and he want to do the same process... :-)
> For each par of files there is one with a bunch of hyperspectral bands

> and the other with just two bands with Latitude and Longitude.
> The question is: If one invests time developing a python script to 
> gather those bands in a HDF4 and set the appropriate metadata is 
> gdalwarp going to work? I mean, the metadata will stick to the file
> will be interpreted by gdalwarp accordantly?

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news.  The gdalwarp support for
geolocation arrays does not really work.  It is basically partially
implemented but I gave up on it because I could see how to make it work
without quite a bit more work.  So, you cannot use geolocation arrays
with gdalwarp currently.

If I could get this implemented I would finalize RFC 4 and try to get it
passed, but currently I'm stymied.

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