[Gdal-dev] perldocs not being built and installed with 1.4.0?

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Sat Jan 27 08:21:55 EST 2007

Ethan Alpert kirjoitti:
> I'm not seeing anything in the Makefile that converts the .dox docs into
> perldoc pods. The .dox files are being installed instead of .pod files
> into the perl directory structure.
> Is this a configuration problem on my side or a build bug?

You may classify it as you wish but the docs are in the dox files. dox 
files are Doxygen files, doxygen is a source code documentation 
generator tool (http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/) which is used by 
other GDAL documentation. It can generate man pages but also HTML, 
LaTeX, etc. Doxygen does not directly support Perl but there is a Perl 
Doxygen Filter at http://www.bigsister.ch/doxygenfilter/ but to make 
life interesting, that filter is not directly usable in our case when we 
have Swig generated Perl modules. For that purpose I modified 
doxygenfilter to add the capability to grab the docs for a module from 
an external file. The modified doxygenfilter is at 
http://map.hut.fi/files/doxygenfilter/ (I should perhaps advertise that 
a bit better somewhere). The HTML docs that I have generated from the 
dox are at http://map.hut.fi/doc/Geo-GDAL/html/ I haven't tried to 
generate the man pages.

I have informed the developers of doxygenfilter of my modifications.

There are no pod files anymore.

I recognise that the things are not very easy right now regarding the 
GDAL Perl docs, but at the same time I think that Doxygen is much better 
than pod. If you have suggestions please let me know.


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