[Gdal-dev] gdal_transform converting jpg to tiff

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Jan 31 14:01:03 EST 2007

br wrote:
> Hello,
> having .jpg files along with equal named world files .jgw (same format as
> .tfw) I try to convert these jpg's to tiff
> gdal_transform x.jpg x.tif
> (using gdal 1.4)
> the result is a 192 MB .tif file (from a 10 MB .jpg)
> but the most annoying thing is that the result is grayscaled and the content
> is warped into a rectangle at the left border of the square.
> Is the command line just to simple for doing the job?


I'm surprised at the results you are seeing.  Can you provide the gdalinfo
report for the input file, and the output file?  Perhaps also a tiffinfo
report for the output file?

Depending on what I see, I might like to get the jpeg file to experiment

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