[Gdal-dev] GRASS files and OGRINFO

Stephan Holl stephan.holl at intevation.de
Thu Mar 1 11:00:01 EST 2007

Hello James,

James McManus <jmpmcmanus at yahoo.com>, [20070301 - 07:52:58]

> I have not been able to use ogrinfo on grass vector files. When I
> issue the following command:
> ogrinfo -al -so vector/WQPondS/head
> ogrinfo informs me the it is Unable to open datasource 
> `vector/WQPondS/head' with the following drivers, and provides a list 
> which includes GRASS. I have also tried running orginfo on other
> files in WQPondS with out success.

have you tried with absolut pathnames? I think there might be an issue
with that.

e.g. ogrinfo -al -so /path/to/loc/mapset/vector/name/head



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