[Gdal-dev] Some thoughts on C# SWIG wrapper

Simon Perkins sy at perkins.net
Fri Mar 2 17:55:52 EST 2007

Simon Perkins wrote:
> Richard Matsunaga wrote:
>> Given that the bindings are still in an early state of development, 
>> there is no time like the present to make breaking changes! It 
>> amounts to minor changes to existing code in most cases.
> It's a reasonable bet that most people using the SWIG C# bindings are 
> on this list, so let's ask them! Anyone out there object to changing 
> the C# API in a majorly breaking way?

I put that poorly, not to say ingrammatically...

By "majorly breaking", I mean that all code using the C# bindings would 
need to be changed, but the changes would be very simple name substitutions.


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