[Gdal-dev] remove colinear points from polygon

Martel, Christian Christian.Martel at drdc-rddc.gc.ca
Tue Mar 6 08:20:17 EST 2007

I know many solutions to remove colinear point but I want to use the
available tools in OGR and get a quick and simple function. So here is
what I did in python. Don't know about performance againt another

def simplifyPolygon(polygon):
    "remove colinear points from polygon boundary"
    gUnion = polygon				#geometry resulting of
Union of several polygons
    gHull = gUnion.ConvexHull()		#create a geometry without
colinear point
    gOver = gHull.Difference(gUnion)	#exceding part of the convexHull
    gFinal = gHull.Difference(gOver)	#get back the original geometry
without colinear point
    return gFinal


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> Martel, Christian wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > After merging several polygons with union, I get a big polygon with 
> > many colinear points. Example : with line (0 0,1 0,2 0), 1 0 is 
> > colinear with the others. How can I remove these middle colinear 
> > points on the polygon border ?
> The most universal method is to use use Douglas-Peucker 
> algorithm for polyline simplification (implemented in GEOS).
> Another possible solution is to calculate and compare slopes 
> between adjacent points.
> There is also an option based on distance formula and 
> ordering points of line, but this one is usually slower than 
> these two above.
> Cheers
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