[Gdal-dev] DTED Performance on Windows

Chapman, Martin MChapman at sanz.com
Tue Mar 6 17:21:18 EST 2007


If you can send me the dted or tell me which one it is (I have the NGA
DTED Library) I will test it on windows for you and let you know How
fast I can load it for a comparison.

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Jason Beverage wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having some issues with the DTED driver, especially on Windows.
> attempting to read an entire DTED 2 into memory using a single
> call, and I found that performance is horrible.  I read in a mailing
> list post that setting the cache size to be about 30 MB would increase
> the speed, and it does, but performance is still pretty bad on
> I ran a simple test loading the DTED with a single RasterIO call on my
> 3.0 Gz P4 windows machine and it takes about 2 minutes to load the
> with a cache size of 30 MB.  On my 1.2 gz Mac Mini G4, it only takes
> about 6 seconds to load the file with a 30 mb cache.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to speed up performance on
> Windows or have a more efficient way to load up DTED data? 


If you can file a bug report on this, I'll have Mateusz look into what
happening.   Other than cache thrashing, I can't think of any reason
should be noticably slower on windows than anywhere else.

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