[Gdal-dev] Read one band image to a bitmap in csharp

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Good morning


I have tried to read a one banded tiff file (as seen below) and convert it to a bitmap, but I fail. My environment is CSharp and I use the swig interface. I have compiled and use version 1.4 of GDAL. 





I have found a sample that describe how to use GDAL to convert a tree band image to a (DOTNET-) bitmap, but my image only have one band. How should I do in that case?



I tried to find the extent information and as I understood I should use the dataset.getMetadata but I had no such a function available. I had getMetadata_List and getMetadata_Dict, but no one gave me the extent information. What are missing?



Is it possible to create a bitmap based on a smaller rectangle of the input dataset?





Driver: GTiff/GeoTIFF

Size is 2000, 2000

Coordinate System is `'

Origin = (1250000.000000000000000,6150000.000000000000000)

Pixel Size = (25.000000000000000,-25.000000000000000)


  TIFFTAG_SOFTWARE=Handmade Software, Inc. Image Alchemy v1.11 Corner Coordinates:

Upper Left  ( 1250000.000, 6150000.000)

Lower Left  ( 1250000.000, 6100000.000)

Upper Right ( 1300000.000, 6150000.000)

Lower Right ( 1300000.000, 6100000.000)

Center      ( 1275000.000, 6125000.000)

Band 1 Block=2000x4 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Palette



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