[Gdal-dev] C# fix for supporting the libtool builds

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 05:11:54 EST 2007


I've just submitted a fix to the C# GNUmakefile for supporting the
libtool builds. Currently the GDAL builbot at:


shows that the C# related stuff builds successfully. The only tests
we've done is the C# 'make test' functionality. In the future any
feedback will be appreciated if anyone discover unconvenient things
related to this issue.

FYI, for supporting the libtool builds the following modifications
have to be done:

1. Should rely on $(CXX) $(CC) and including GDALmake.opt for building
the .cpp .c .cxx files
2. $(LD) should be used instead of $(LD_SHARED) when linking the
shared libraries with libtool.
3. Should use $(SO_EXT) as the shared object extension (in every case)
4. When building with libtool .lo should be used instead of .o as the
object file extension.
5. Might specify some optional extra parameters for the libtool
command line as for example:
-rpath $(INST_LIB) -no-undefined -version-info

The csharp/GNUmakefile shows the implementation of these requirements.

Best regards,


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