[Gdal-dev] Shapefile feature deletion and feature count

Andrea Aime aaime at openplans.org
Sun Mar 11 05:11:19 EDT 2007

Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:
> Andrea Aime wrote:
>> Frank Warmerdam ha scritto:
>>> Andrea,
>>> Perhaps the GeoTools API should try being more fine grained with regard
>>> to writing features.  
>> Geotools is basically there to serve Geoserver and uDig. In both
>> applications, you either are a good read only data source, or a fully
>> transactional one that allows to support WFS-T and interactive editing.
>> There's no useful middle ground...
> Andrea,
> No offence, but I hope that there aren't other potentially uses of
> GeoTools reading that it is there to serve Geoserver and uDig - they
> may feel that other use cases are not taken seriously.

Ha ha, no offense taken :-) Mine was not an absolute statement, but just
a pragmatic assessment of how things are going on today. If you look
at hackers working on geotools, you'll notice that they are either 
involved in uDig, or in Geoserver. In the end, there are end users
that do sponsor some development time on Geoserver and uDig, which
in turn try to put the most significant bits of what they
do in Geotools, to make them useful for a larger audience.
That's basically how Geotools grows and evolves.

So in the end, that's why the write thru and read thru approaches
are not taken care of seriously. Well, in fact OGR is the very
reason we don't need to really support that use case, and the
reason why I'm working on the OGR in my spare time instead of
paid time: if you really need to serve a fancy format thru Geoserver,
install GDAL/OGR, do the conversion in a format we do support,
and happily serve your data.

I just feel it's nice to leverage your work more directly, and
avoid people who are just trying out Geoserver the hassle of
data conversion. But once they do decide to go the WMS/WFS/WFS-T
route, be it mapserver, geoserver or whatever, they will need
to switch to a format designed for that job (a spatial dbms,
in my opinion).


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