[Gdal-dev] Fwd: compilation of GDAL/OGR-132 with DGNDirect09964

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Mar 14 11:21:22 EDT 2007

Jean-Daniel Gonon wrote:
> Also, when I compile in release mode, i have errors like this :
> "tif_aux.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __RTC_Shutdown"
> In release mode, I use release DLL (libpng13-vc8.lib libjpeg.lib 
> zlib1-vc8.lib xerces-c_2.lib dgntkMD8.lib olessMD8.lib zlibMD8.lib) and 
> parameter "C/C++ => Code generation => Runtime Library" at 
> "Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)" (see gdal_release.vcproj project file in 
> attached file).
> I don't know what I must to do to correct these problems...
> I don't know if my question is comprehensible, but I need your help... 


I'm sorry for not responding to these questions, but I just have no
idea what is going wrong.  It seems to be something particular to your
mix of compiler version, build options, and use of dgndirect.  Under the
circumstances it is very hard for anyone else to help.  Ideally you would
find a windows "build guru" who could sit down with you and try to ferret
through the problems.  I don't see anything in the messages you are getting
that seem GDAL specific at all.  I presume they relate in some way to a mix
of different compile, link and runtime options.

Good luck,
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