[Gdal-dev] Fdo or Geos + gdal

Kaminski, Fábio - PROVIDER fabio at synapsisbrasil.com.br
Thu Mar 15 16:47:29 EDT 2007



            Im making some decisions about the framework i could use to build a geospatial aplication, and I would apreciate you expertise

            About this topic


            Im am looking for a geometry (and possibly gis Databases wrapers included), and I´ve found geos, wich look´s good for working with geometry

            But then i´ve found Fdo, wich looks very complete and well OO designed.


            It looks Fdo has a wrapper to gdal and its functionalities.


            So , my question is about, wich one could be better for me... geos more simpler..and fdo more complete(or it miss something??)


            I would apreciate your comments, cause I know that once I have done this decision, its very painfull to get back, if I miss some functionality needed.







Fábio Kaminski


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