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Thanks for your advice,

	Thinking last night, and reading the fdo api, (I also read terralib api, thanks for sugestion), i´ve made my decision considering some important issues.
	* portability for small devices (wince(gdal/ogr already ports)/ palm)
	* port for postgis(fdo does not)
	* simplicity(build own framework gluing specialized´s apis with a eye in portability) 
	* gdal/ogr is a must and geos is suitable for my needs.

So I guess gdal/ogr + geos will make a good work thogeter :)

Thanks for your advice, and congratulations for gdal api. The (geo)revolution is only starting ;)

Fabio Kaminski

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Kaminski wrote:
>             Im making some decisions about the framework i could use to 
> build a geospatial aplication, and I would apreciate you expertise
>             About this topic
>             Im am looking for a geometry (and possibly gis Databases 
> wrapers included), and I´ve found geos, wich look´s good for working 
> with geometry
>             But then i´ve found Fdo, wich looks very complete and well 
> OO designed.
>             It looks Fdo has a wrapper to gdal and its functionalities.
>             So , my question is about, wich one could be better for me... 
> geos more simpler..and fdo more complete(or it miss something??)
>             I would apreciate your comments, cause I know that once I 
> have done this decision, its very painfull to get back, if I miss some 
> functionality needed.


I think you need to provide more detail on your requirements if you want
good advice.

GEOS is just a geometry engine, and it does this job well.  But it does
not provide data access at all.

FDO provides a comprehensive model for data access and if your target
is an RDBMS covered by FDO then it may well be a good choice, though
in some regards I find it a bit complex.

Similar to FDO, OGR provides a data access mechanism that supports a
variety of formats, including a few RDBMS oriented ones.

FDO is takes a more DBMS-oriented approach than OGR, and is good at
stuff like handling transactions, and some other sophisticated operations.

I'd claim OGR is somewhat easier than FDO.

The FDO wrappers do not provide all the capabilities of GDAL/OGR.  For
instance the GDAL and OGR Providers for FDO are read-only.

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