[Gdal-dev] Maven repository for gdal.jar

Daniele Romagnoli dany.geotools at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 11:20:48 EDT 2007

Hi list,
I'm improving my GDAL-ImageIO integration proposal.

Actually, I'm building a maven project containing the GDAL-ImageIO Framework
as well as any developed plugins (like, as an instance,
GdalGeoTiffImageReader plugin, GdalEcwImageReader plugin and similar...).

Now, I need to set the POM.xml with the project dependencies.
The GDAL-imageIO Framework project depends on gdal.jar as well as any
developed plugin.
(gdal.jar is the jar containing the java classes generated by SWIG)

Can someone add gdal.jar to remote repositories like, as an instance,
http://www.biblio.org/maven2, so I can set the dependency in the POM.xml and
let mvn to download the required jars when needed?

let me know...

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
Daniele Romagnoli
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