[Gdal-dev] Geo::GDAL how to close a file?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Thu Mar 22 22:25:56 EDT 2007

Another question is How should I close a file opened like:

$dataset = Geo::GDAL::Open('filename');

Anything I need to do to dispose of objects I have accessed?

Here is a little example of doing something like gdalinfo:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Geo::GDAL;

my $f = shift @ARGV || die "gdal-test file\n";

my $dataset = Geo::GDAL::Open($f);

print "RasterXSize=".$dataset->{RasterXSize}."\n";
print "RasterYSize=".$dataset->{RasterYSize}."\n";
print "RasterCount=".$dataset->{RasterCount}."\n";
print "GetProjection=".$dataset->GetProjection."\n";
my $driver = $dataset->GetDriver;
print "driver->ShortName=".$driver->{ShortName}."\n";
for my $i (1..$dataset->{RasterCount}) {
     my $band = $dataset->GetRasterBand($i);
     print "  band[$i]->XSize=".$band->{XSize}."\n";
     print "  band[$i]->YSize=".$band->{YSize}."\n";
     print "  band[$i]->DataType=".$band->{DataType}."\n";
     print " 
     print "  GetNoDataValue=".$band->GetNoDataValue."\n";
     print "  GetMinimum=".$band->GetMinimum."\n";
     print "  GetMaximum=".$band->GetMaximum."\n";
     print "  GetOffset=".$band->GetOffset."\n";
     print "  GetScale=".$band->GetScale."\n";
     print "  GetOverviewCount=".$band->GetOverviewCount."\n";
     print "  Checksum=".$band->Checksum."\n";
     print " 

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