[Gdal-dev] compiling with mrsid support

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Mar 26 16:35:24 EDT 2007


This is an excellent candidate for inclusion in the new wiki area on building
GDAL and problems with builds.  I have added it in the subtopic about MrSID:


I hope we will build up a body of build hints, and faq answers under:


> Kirk McKelvey wrote:
>> Paul,
>> This is an incompatibility of our header file with gcc 3.4+; it was not
>> considered an error in previous versions of gcc. (Thanks to Mateusz
>> Loskot for pointing it out to us originally.)
>> To fix the issue in the header (lti_sceneBuffer.h), simply remove the
>> extra qualification from the inWindow declaration.  Line 356 should look
>> like this:
>> bool inWindow(lt_uint32 x, lt_uint32 y) const;
>> Kirk.
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