[Gdal-dev] For SWIG maintainers: Move to SWIG 1.3.31

Ari Jolma ari.jolma at tkk.fi
Sat Mar 31 03:59:00 EDT 2007

Howard Butler kirjoitti:
> Ari, Tamas, Andrea, and Charlie (and anyone else if they have an 
> interest),
> Does anyone have any problem with us using SWIG 1.3.31 on our 
> distribution generation machine?  This would mean that all of our 
> releases would have their wrapper code generated by SWIG 1.3.31 (I 
> believe we're currently using 1.3.29).

I don't have a problem with that. What I still have a small problem with 
is the swig-generated wrappers in svn. Since the distribution generation 
machine generates the wrappers, could it also generate them for the 
nightly builds? Could it generate them for the svn?

I made a small addition to the OGR Perl bindigs (Move(dx,dy,dz) method 
Geometry class - I'm currently playing with moving geographic objects). 
I find it a bit distracting and additional thing to remember to update 
also the big generated bindings because of a small change in a .i file.



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