[gdal-dev] fwtools 2.1.0, gdal1.6 and oci, sde plugins

Duarte Carreira DCarreira at edia.pt
Wed Apr 9 13:16:36 EDT 2008


What is the simplest way you know of to have FWTools work with these
plugins? I'm afraid I didn't quite understand your suggestion at the end
of your message. Should I start using gdal releases instead of fwtools
if I need oci and sde?


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On Apr 8, 2008, at 10:14 AM, Duarte Carreira wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm trying to use FWTools 2.1.0 with OCI and SDE plugins and get 
> errors related to wrong versions conflicts. OGR says gdal14.dll is not

> found, and GDAL complains about SDE driver being compiled against GDAL

> 1.5 and current version is 1.6.
> Are new plugins expected soon? And is there a workaround?
> Thanks everyone for your help.


Our stable windows release located at
  provides a full complement of current plugins for ArcSDE and OCI
(along with some others like MrSID and ECW).  I have found it quite
taxing to keep up building plugins for both FWTools and our stable
releases, and with the new OSGeo4W effort, I have focused my effort on
these because they should work in OSGeo4W as well.

If you need to track GDAL trunk for a bug fix or new feature, I'm afraid
you'll have to invest some effort in building your own plugins (or
linking in what you need directly for even easier usage).


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