[gdal-dev] GDALDataset limits?

Patrick Cannon patrick.cannon at barcosoft.com
Fri Aug 1 08:43:05 EDT 2008

Hi Frank,

Is there a limit to the number of GDALDatasets that can be open at one time?

My program is set to automatically open raster images from a database.  
There are over 2254 charts in the database.  Each record has the path to 
the actual file on disk.

In auto mode it gets to around 1004 or so files and then GDAL starts 
returning "file not found" errors.  If I manually open the files it says 
can not be found, it opens them without issue.  So the file is available on 
disk.  Also, if I change the sort on the database so it loads from the 
bottom it has no problem opening the files in auto mode.

I do not think this is a memory issue because with the program running and 
1000+ datasets open it has not hit the swap.

If it is not a limit in the library, do you have any ideas?

Best regards,
Patrick Cannon
Barco Software LLC

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