[gdal-dev] GDAL - map projection not specified properly

Chris Melick chris.melick at baronservices.com
Mon Aug 4 14:53:50 EDT 2008



I have a netcdf file of NCEP model data (originally in GRIB) that I'm
converting over to a GeoTiff.  I'm trying to set up the exact projection for
the AWIPS Lambert conformal grid (#252 - RUC-20km;
http://www.weather.gov/om/tpb/490body.htm) but the data is off center from
what the original GRIB file displays using GEMPAK.  I think the problem lies
in the fact that the lower left and upper right corners exactly mirror those
of the other corners, which isn't what should happen with LCC.  Could
someone please help me with the exact specification of the gdal_translate
command line?  


On last try, I have been using:


gdal_translate -scale 988 1360 1 256 -ot Byte -a_srs '+proj=lcc +lat_0=39
+lat_1=25 lat_2=25 +lon_0=-95 +datum=GRS80' -a_ullr -139.86 54.17 -69.04
17.34 NETCDF:"lccmod.nc":HGT_875mb lccmod-final.tif








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