[gdal-dev] Minimalist Windows binaries (OGR)

Philippe Kruschitz kruschitz at grid-it.at
Thu Aug 7 12:21:16 EDT 2008


The "Building On Windows With Minimized Drivers" page being under 
construction, I'll take a chance and post my question here.

What I need are basically binaries for an application that only makes 
use of the OGR utilities. My application works like a charm with the 
FWTools, but the whole thing is way to big to be integrated. I tried the 
"minimalist windows executables" with the PG plug-in on the binaries 
page, but experienced some problems. First, exporting from a PostGIS DB 
to a shapefile with ogr2ogr would not create a *.prj file, which it did 
with the last FWTools (newer version?). Writing the same table to KML 
didn't work either, my coordinates being (for some obscure reason) 
totally messed up.

Now my question, how difficult would it be to build a stripped down 
version of the library with only the OGR utilities. I builded some 
things before, but only under Linux (GRASS and other GIS software). My 
knowledge on this topic is, at the best, rudimentary, but I'm ready to 
give it a try (I was able to build GDAL from source using the 
information in the wiki). Is there something like a configuration file 
(nmake.opt?), where I could only use those things I really needed?


Philippe Kruschitz

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