[gdal-dev] transforming coordinates for true polar wander

Zane Selvans zane at ideotrope.org
Wed Aug 13 14:50:51 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I have a bunch of one dimensional features mapped in spherical  
(unprojected) coordinates (each is a series of lat/lon points) and I  
need to be able to translate and rotate them on the surface of the  
sphere (Jupiter's satellite, Europa).

I actually want to change their locations on the body in order to  
place them where they would have been before a true polar wander  
event, (during which the axis of rotation changed).  Is this something  
that can be done using OGRCoordinateTransformation::Transform(), or  
can it only be used to do transformations between projected (and  
unprojected) coordinate systems?  If it can be used for this, what's  
the simplest way to go about specifying the coordinate system?  All I  
have is the current lat/lon position of the paleopole.

Also, it would be sweet if this was doable from the Python interface...

Thanks for any insight!


Zane Selvans
Amateur Earthling
zane at ideotrope.org
PGP Key: 55E0815F

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