[Gdal-dev] Tif file getting larger and larger

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Aug 14 09:45:09 EDT 2008

Vincent Schut pisze:
> Compression can be a large performance hit. Especially on 
> files you  need random write access on, don't compress. Of course there 
> are exceptions to this, and you very well could be one... But generally, 
> I think this holds.

One common exception is mobile GIS. If the PDA does not support SDHC you
are stick to 4 GB card + your internal ROM at max. It's easy to run out
of space.

SDHC would let you have 32GB (but now only 16GB is widely available at a
resonable price). Yet you have to be lucky that your PDA supports SDHC,
cause it's a fairly new thing and you don't change PDAs that frequently.

Just 0,01 PLN worth rambling.


Maciej Sieczka

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