[gdal-dev] deleting feature exceptions

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Sat Aug 16 09:45:15 EDT 2008

 Loskot, thank you for reply. I'm sorry for my rough operation on my first ticket.
 The long URL in the updating comment stores the example project that you can download, but must input  download code:
 74cb36d4,  then click the right button to download. Sorry, I can't upload the project to the attachment of the comment because of the slow transport  speed.
    Thank you.
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 Mateusz Loskot wrote:
>> Attachment of this mail is the example project. Thank you for more 
>> help.
> I've noticed no file attached to the ticket you reported.
> Do you mean the attachement as URL in your updating comment?


I'd suggest to attach your file min-projV1.4.rar directly to the ticket 
- hit "Attach File" button.

For me, the URL you included in the ticket does not return any file, but 
a web page that I can't read & understand, sorry for my ignorance.


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