[gdal-dev] RE: progressive rendering

Norman Barker nbarker at ittvis.com
Mon Aug 18 16:47:22 EDT 2008

Having spent some more time on this, is adding progressive support to
gdal as simple as overloading the RasterIO function


and adding a callback function?  I would like to standardize this if
possible in the GDALDataset class.



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I am interested in discussing (and perhaps we can brainstorm on IRC, or
on the GDAL wiki) how to add generic progressive format support to GDAL.

In particular if we could create a generic interface so that commercial
and open source streaming client engines could be hooked in.

I have a lot of experience in writing jpip clients, and am interested in
creating this interface.  

I would suggest we need a callback handler, but we need to incorporate
the parameters req'd by ecwp, progressive jpeg and jpeg2000.

Hopefully others are interested too and perhaps have already thought of
the interfaces that we can add to GDAL?

I am trying to avoid the original way of doing jpip with gdal (before it
was disabled :-) ) of a one-shot jpip request, to a more dynamic raster

Just to add to the scope this interface would ideally be exposed via
swig to allow java and jpip clients.

Any thoughts appreciated, and if you can advise of an appropriate place
to capture this (wiki?).

Many thanks,

Norman Barker

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