[gdal-dev] Trac ADAGUC Wiki

Maarten Plieger plieger at knmi.nl
Fri Aug 22 11:31:01 EDT 2008


In agreement with Frank I created an ADAGUC wiki on trac: 
http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/ADAGUC. It describes the GDAL ADAGUC 
netCDF driver I have been working on. It has been created on basis of 
the original driver from Denis Nadeau and Frank Warmerdam.
The driver requires the latest netcdf4 and HDF5 libraries. The ADAGUC 
driver supports the creation of NetCDF3 and NetCDF4 files. ADAGUC netCDF 
files follow the Climate and Forecast (CF) 1.2 and ISO:19115 metadata 
conventions. Besides these conventions the format provides space for 
specific product metadata. The document describing the format will be 
released soon. More information about ADAGUC (Atmospheric Data Access 
for the Geospatial User Community) can be found here: http://adaguc.knmi.nl
*The ADAGUC format currently supports a maximum of three dimensions, 
which are X, Y and time.

This is the first release (v0.1) of the driver. If you are going to use 
it, please let me know if you experience any problems installing or 
using it. The wiki describes the installation instructions and provides 
some sample files.

Best Regards,
Maarten Plieger

Maarten Plieger
KNMI, R&D Information and Observation Technology, De Bilt
(t) +31 30 2206330 

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