[gdal-dev] MEM Driver under Vista 64?

Craig Miller craig.miller at spatialminds.com
Wed Aug 27 00:04:37 EDT 2008

I am working with an in-house utility written a couple of years ago that
uses the MEM driver.  Recently, after upgrading to Vista64 the utility
stopped working.  As it was using an old version of GDAL, I decided to fetch
the source from the vault and recompile/link against GDAL 1.5.2.  I didn't
change any code, but the new utility is failing with "ERROR 1:  Missing
required field (one of PIXELS, LINES, or DATAPOINTER)"

I'm assuming the problem is either incorrect source (old code), a 64 bit
issue, or a GDAL version issue.  Before I start modifying the code to
allocate memory and include a DATAPOINTER I thought I'd ask if there were
any changes between GDAL 1.4 (Maybe older) GDAL 1.5.2 that might cause this
or if it is a well known Vista 64 problem?
Here's the snippet of code that is fails on the poMemDriver->Create(.) line:

	GDALDriver* poMemDriver;
	CString format = "MEM";
	CString filename = "MEM:::";

	poMemDriver = GetGDALDriverManager()->GetDriverByName(format);
	if (poMemDriver == NULL)
		cout << "\"MEM\" driver not supported." <<  endl;
		return false;
	m_poUtmRgbDataset = poMemDriver->Create( filename,
		3,  // 3 Bands, Red, Green, and Blue

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