[gdal-dev] Injecting Projection information in CreateCopy

Christiaan Janssen cjanssen at iavo-rs.com
Fri Aug 29 12:04:11 EDT 2008

My problem with this is that I'm not actually trying to reproject the data. The best example of what I'm doing is trying to create a GeoTIFF version of a standard TIFF (ie create a full raster copy but with GeoTIFF tags for the projection and transform embedded), at the same time not limiting myself to only outputting to a GeoTIFF format but other geospatially capable formats as well (ie NITF, Erdas Imagine, ...) some of which only support the CreateCopy function.


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Christiaan Janssen wrote:
> Could someone tell me the best/easiest way to create a copy of a 
> GDALDataset from one format to another and specifying a projection 
> different than what is contained in the source GDALDataset.

Have you tried to follow this [1] tutorial, see GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer

[1] http://gdal.org/warptut.html

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