[gdal-dev] Extending csharp binding for resampling

Marc Jacquin marc.jacquin at magellium.fr
Fri Aug 29 10:42:42 EDT 2008

Hi Gdal folks,

Let's say we would like to use GDAL warping capabilities for resampling a
dataset (without saving it on a file) at specific xcell and ycell with a
specific resampling method but in Csharp. What would be the best way to do
Let me guess:
- First maintain our own Gdal build (that's fine)
- Add the corresponding swig code to some .i files in the swig include
- recompile the whole swig csharp stuff 

OK, but I'm not familiar with swig. Has anybody some swig code similar on
the shelf? Wouldn't it be something useful to add to the official Gdal


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