[gdal-dev] is MrSid SDK ( supported by GDAL

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Dec 1 17:19:45 EST 2008

Hi all,

Quick question, Is MrSid SDK ( supported by GDAL?

As indicated by the release notes 4. there are fixes to the JP2 readers 
and I'm wondering if that might resolve my JP2 issue since I'm currently 
on: MrSid SDK


Release Notes for SDK (


1. *** API CHANGE *** As described in the Porting Guide
    section of the User Manual, breaking changes have been
    introduced to the API, in order to address the needs of
    more flexible workflows and pipelines in applications.
    This will require small changes to existing code.

2. The LTIOFileStream class now support +2GB files. The
    LTIOFileStream64 class has been removed.

3. The mix of supported platforms has been updated. See
    platforms.txt for details.

4. A number of bugs have been fixed in the JP2 and NITF
    readers and writers.

5. Small performance improvements have been made in many
    areas of the code.

6. Member functions that are not documented (or are
    explicitly marked as LizardTech-only) should in general
    not be used by third-party developers.

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