[gdal-dev] GDAL/OGR 1.6.0 Released

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sat Dec 13 14:37:21 EST 2008

My OSX GDAL 1.6 framework is now ready.  And a little late, so is  
1.5.3 -- I wanted to synchronize some OSX fixes in 1.6 with 1.5, and  
make sure the 2 versions work together.  More than just a new version,  
here are some OSX fixes and changes:

* [1.5/1.6] HDF4 64bit OSX now works.

* [1.5/1.6] DODS OSX issues worked out.

* [1.5/1.6] ECW-JP2 support works again. It was there, it just wasn't  
loading, only ECW. I also fixed a 64bit issue with ECW-JP2. This gives  
OSX users a good working JP2 format driver. Note: ECW still only works  
for read-only, I'll see if I can figure out write support, but don't  
hold your breath.

* [1.5/1.6] Python binaries have been moved to be inside the framework  
bundle. A ''gdal.pth'' file is now installed in the Python site- 
packages folder to point to the framework. This lets the next change  
easily work:

* [1.5/1.6] Python support on Leopard can now be used with the  
python.org Python 2.5, if installed. This is in addition to the system  
Python on Leopard. The ''gdal.pth'' file avoids unnecessary  
duplication of the binaries.

* [1.6] The plugins folder is now versioned. For GDAL 1.6, that is ''/ 
Library/Application Support/GDAL/1.6/PlugIns''. GDAL 1.5 plugins will  
be left in ''/Library/Application Support/GDAL/PlugIns''.

* [1.6] Internal GRASS libraries updated to GRASS 6.4.svn. (GRASS left  
at 6.3 for GDAL 1.5)

Both GDAL 1.5.3 and 1.6 can be installed, but the most recent  
version //installed// will be the active one for Python and developer  
use.  Notes are included to switch this.  Current application builds  
will still use GDAL 1.5, until I rebuild them for 1.6.

A full set of plugins for ECW and MrSID for both 1.5 and 1.6, and a  
new rgdal for R 2.8, are also available.

On Dec 10, 2008, at 11:42 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> The GDAL/OGR project team is pleased to announce the release of
> GDAL/OGR 1.6.0.  This release represents 11 months of new feature
> development since the GDAL/OGR 1.5.0 release, as well as many bug
> fixes.  The release source code is available as described at:

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