[gdal-dev] GDAL 1.6.0 DLL Hell problem on Windows Vista?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Dec 15 19:42:16 EST 2008

Jason Roberts wrote:
> Phil,
> Thanks for the suggestion. I suspect it will work. My XP SP3 machine has
> VC90 entries in C:\Windows\WinSxS, while my Vista SP1 machine does not.
> But if GDAL requires the user to install the VC++ redistributable first, why
> is GDAL redisting the DLLs (e.g. msvcr90.dll) in the GDAL\bin directory? I
> suspect the intent was to override sxs in the build process, or specify a
> publisher policy, or something, so that the user does not have to install
> the redistributable themselves. The idea being that GDAL would work like
> old-school, pre-sxs applications, where you just have to have the right DLL
> versions in the same directory as your .exe.
> Was that not the intent? Are users indeed expected to install that
> redistributable first?


My fault.  The package includes the required VC9 DLLs, but I neglected
to include the manifest for them (Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest).  I
have repackaged the kit with that manifest, and I'd appreciate your testing


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