[gdal-dev] What is the meaning of the message from gdalinfo

Mo Wang mo at discoveraai.com
Tue Dec 16 10:00:38 EST 2008

Hi all,


I ran gdalinfo (both gdal 1.5.2 and gdal 1.6.0) on a nitf image and got
the following message:


gdalinfo caf_08mar12.ntf

ERROR 4: 'J2K_SUBFILE:3935,115450995,caf_08mar12.ntf' does not exist in
the file system, and is not recognised as a supported dataset name.

ERROR 1: Unable to open JPEG2000 image within NITF file.

Is the JP2KAK driver available?

gdalinfo failed - unable to open 'caf_08mar12.ntf'.


What is the meaning of the message (especially ERROR 4)? Thank you in
advance for taking time to answer.



Mo Wang


Applied Analysis Inc.

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