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I would think it makes sense to return these two fields as metadata, specifically IGEOLO, since IGEOLO might not be returned as a geotransform (such as in the case when BlockA or other higher precision georeferencing is available).

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> Christiaan Janssen wrote:
> > Does anyone know if it is possible to access any more of the NITF 
> > header data than what is currently listed in the GDAL dataset metadata? 
> > There are a number of fields that I have noticed missing, namely ICORDS 
> > & IGEOLO that I could really use. I realize that these are image 
> > subheader components but it would seem to make sense that a GDAL dataset 
> > represents a single NITF subimage and that it would contain the subimage 
> > specific metadata. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
> Christiaan,
> The IGEOLO and ICORDS data are not normally returned as NITF specific
> metadata because they are transformed into a generic geotransform and
> coordinate system definition.
> If it is particularly useful, they could also be returned in raw form as
> metadata items.
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