[gdal-dev] Zonal statistics with GDAL/StarSpan

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Fri Dec 19 19:24:58 EST 2008

     Is the FID
> supposed to be in the .dbf file that accompanies the .shp file?
> I have examined this file, and I don't see an FID column (column
> names are in the first row).  In particular, since starspan2
> reports an FID of 0 for Zemmour, Mauritania, I would expect to
> see a column with the value 0 in the Zemmour row of the .dbf
> file.  But, there isn't one.  I was assuming that FIDs were in
> one of the other files in the set (.dbf, .fix, .qix, .shp, .shx).

I think StarSpan will "assign" a Feature ID (FID), likely sequentially
with the first one being 0, to the records as it reads them.  I'm not sure
if it would use an FID field in the DBF file (where are the attributes
are) if it found one.


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