[gdal-dev] HDF4 reading MISR Level 3 with incorrect dimension

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Dec 29 13:08:11 EST 2008

Lucena, Ivan wrote:
> Hi there,
> I don't know if that is a case for a ticket or if I missed the latest discussion on HDF dimensions.
> I've got this HDF4 file, a MISR Level 3 product [1]:
> ---
> Subdatasets:
> solParameterAverage:Absorbing optical depth
>   SUBDATASET_1_DESC=[360x720x9x4] Absorbing optical depth AerosolParameterAverag
> e (32-bit floating-point)
> If I gdal_translate (with -sds) the first dataset [360x720x9x4] to GTIFF I've got a 9 bands of 720x360. That sounds 
> good but doesn't looks good unfortunately. The images looks like a sliced book as you would see it by the side, a 
> typical effect of dimension order error.
> Any help with that?


This looks like it would be worth filing a ticket, assuming you can provide
a pointer to the dataset in question.

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