[gdal-dev] How to compile dumpoverviews

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Aug 5 14:58:38 EDT 2009

Jorge Arévalo wrote:
> Hello,
> How should I compile GDAL to get "dumpoverviews" executable tool? I've
> tested by "make all" in the apps directory, but I'm not sure if it's
> the best way.
> Anyway, after compiling it with "make all", I can't debug it. I add
> --enable-debug option to configure script, but after executing "make
> all",  ddd dumpoverviews returns an error:
> not in executable format: File format not recognized
> It's strange, because dumpoverviews has been created properly, and I
> can execute it, but not debug it...


Is this your first attempt to debug a gdal executable?  It should work
similarly to the others.

I suspect you are building with libtool and the gdal/apps/dumpoverviews
is just a script running the binary in the gdal/apps/.libs directory.  You
can try running gdal/apps/.libs/dumpoverviews in ddd, but that can be tricky
because library stuff might not be setup properly.

I suggest configuring --without-libtool and doing a clean build.  Libtool
is just a big pain in the butt while developing (IMHO).

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