[gdal-dev] New OGR Driver

Leonardo Piga leonardo.piga at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 23:34:05 EDT 2009


I'm implementing a new driver for OGR. The driver is responsible for
handling with GPSTrackMaker files <http://www.gpstm.com>. GTM files.

This program is extensively used in Brazil on a project called
Tracksource. This community makes maps from Brazilian cities and
distributes them freely for using on GPS devices. The project is
collaborative and the users develop the maps.

Each developer is responsible for one or more cities. Some developers
receive the maps from their city hall office (this is my case);
however, it doesn't give the maps on our preferable format. The
developer has to convert it. That's why I'm implement this driver.

The driver is reading the gtm a files already. I want to share my
effort, so that other people can use my driver.
Is it possible to make my driver available with OGR?

Thank you
Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga

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