[gdal-dev] GDAL Erdas LAN/GIS driver

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Fri Aug 21 04:04:45 EDT 2009


The code for the LAN/GIS driver uses GDT_Int16 for Pixel type 2, rather 
than GDT_UInt16. Is this justified? A user of rgdal has a case of unsigned 
16-bit data stored by "a forest landscape model", being treated by the 
driver as signed. The header does not seem to have a signed/unsigned flag. 
Is this a problem of ambiguity in use of a (closed?) specification, or 
should the driver be using GDT_UInt16?

I'm asking on the list first, because this may be ambiguity, not a bug.

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Roger Bivand
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