[gdal-dev] Python gdal -- Class or function equivalent to `gdaltransform'

Jonathan Sawyer jon at gina.alaska.edu
Fri Aug 21 21:23:42 EDT 2009

Good evening developers,

I am very new to GDAL, so please bear with me.

What function/class/module do I need to look at to perform coordinate
transformation, in Python?

Or better yet, can anyone point me to good online docs to learn how the
Python bindings are used in gdal?

FYI: I am looking for the equivalent to this command line example:

$ gdaltransform -s_srs EPSG:4326 -t_srs EPSG:3338
-146.673599867, 64.7163624865
348408.577415968 1658661.40355536 0

Have a good weekend, and thanks for your help.

Jonathan Sawyer
Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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